Wednesday, May 28, 2008

James Jones is the creator of Micro Niche Finder.

When I first learned of this particular product, I was already learning about how vital keywords and keyword phrases are -- particularly within one's niche.

And as my appreciation grew for getting indexed in the search engines under specific keyword and keyword phrases, it dawned on me "why" creating your own little niche is the key to online business survival.

Then I discovered the Micro Niche Finder tool,
and boy was I impressed!

Although I didn't purchase the program the first time I watched the videos, it wasn't too long when it became very clear to me how to combine what I saw on those videos with some other online tools I was considering buying.

That's when I placed the order to quickly.

It dawned on me that I still could accomplish quite a bit even if I "didn't" combine the Micro Niche Finder tool with the other ones I wanted. So actually, there really wasn't a need for me to wait to buy it.

It was after I bought it that I realized that this tool actually cut down around 50% of my time searching for specific keyword phrases (or what's called the longtail keyphrases) within the last 30 days. And with all of the built-in capabilities, this tool made "everything" so much easier for me!

I homeschool my children, and that keeps me busy. Very busy.

I am also an author, and deciding which parts of my book to dissect and create new products keeps me busy as well.

Finding and recommending products (from very useful to extraordinary) for my book owners keeps me busy, too.

Discovering Micro Niche Finder made nearly all of it so much easier for me. And this tool literally helped me find new ways to monetize a ton of projects I'm working on now.

As a homeschooling parent, I sometimes feel like I'm still in school because I'm always in the state of learning as my kids are learning. So when I sat down to work on some projects, I literally re-watched the Micro Niche Finder videos and did exactly what I saw James do, but substituted what he was doing with what I want to do for my customers. (You know. Like how my kids watch their D.I.V.E. Math videos as they follow along in their Saxon Math text books. I, too, was following along on my projects or sites as I watched the Micro Niche Finder videos.)

For instance, when I created my first Squidoo lens, I watched James' video on how he used his tool to create a Squidoo lens. I then followed every step, pausing the video and reading the manual if necessary during the process, following each of his steps to the letter.

As a result, you can now read my first Squidoo lens! Click here to check it out!

So jazzed at how easy all of this was, I decided to use the Micro Niche Finder to create a Hubpage, which I did. Click here too!

And because I'm so confident on how to apply the other methods James' videos teach, I am in the process of creating additional income streams in far less time I know it would have taken me without this tool!

Micro Niche Finder is great for helping a person identify those markets and finding numerous ways to monetize them, beit blog, Squidoo lens, private label right products, articles, etc.

If you want to create various streams of income by providing products to a ready-to-buy target market, then I recommend that you click now and go for it!